How to Get to the Labor Day Weekend Phish Show

How to Get to the Labor Day Weekend Phish Show
Jacqueline Collins
It's tough being a Phish fan right now. In advance of the jam band's three-night stand at Dick's Sporting Goods over Labor Day weekend, concert promoter AEG Rocky Mountains and the Tri-County Health Department announced there would be no camping, overnight vehicles, parking or vendors allowed on venue grounds because of plague-carrying fleas affecting the local prairie dog colonies. Yes, only in Colorado.

But if there's any fan base that will risk contracting a medieval disease — and it should be noted that the risk is very, very low — it's Phish fans. So while they may not be staying there overnight, or even parking at Dick's, they're definitely going to the show.

How to get there? AEG suggests carpooling with four or more people. There will be free off-site parking available at the Northfield Mall at 8340 Northfield Boulevard in Denver, about a mile away from Dick's. That's an easy walk (just stay away from prairie dogs).

Here are more instructions from AEG on how best to get to the concerts, along with visuals:

Shuttle Pick Up/Drop Off Locations
The Northfield Mall map above shows the area reserved for parking and shuttles on the east side of the mall by the Off Broadway Shoes Warehouse (corner of Valentia Street and East 48th Avenue). Signage will lead you to the exact parking areas and shuttle pick-up.

The shuttle drop-off and pick-up at DSGP will be at the same location, directly on the south side of the stadium on Valentia Street.

Shuttle Times Between Northfield Mall Lots and DSGP
The Northfield Mall lots will open at 2 p.m. each show day and continuous shuttling will begin at that time. The last shuttle will leave DSGP at 1:30 a.m, for Northfield Mall.

The first 300 cars to park at Northfield Mall each day will receive a free commemorative Phish Colorado branded 32-ounce Nalgene refillable water bottle.

Ride Share
The route to the rideshare pick-up/drop-off area is Quebec Street to Prairie Parkway. Type “DICK'S Sporting Goods Park” into your app as your destination, and drop-offs will be located at Victory Way/East 60th Avenue. After the show, the pick-up location will be on the west side of the stadium at Victory Way/East 60th Avenue. You will still use your app to request a ride as normal. The DSGP map denotes the drop-off and pick-up areas. Signage will be placed outside the stadium for directional assistance.

Drop off and pick-up will be located in DSGP Parking Lot C and accessed from East 56th Avenue and turning onto Valentia Street.
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