How to spot the Blink-182 Cool Dad at KTCL's Big Gig this weekend at Comfort Dental

Oh, hey there. Just doing some quick math here. Be right with you... let's see, hold the one, carry the two... Ahem, okay, so if you were as old as the Blink dudes were when Dookie -- er, Dude Ranch, sorry! -- dropped, the big 40 is staring you down, which means you're probably a dad. A cool dad, one who's taking junior to see Blink this weekend. *Sigh* Our dad was never that cool. What's that? Ah, yes, you have no idea what the hell we're talking about with all this cool dad business? Eh. Guess it's a good thing we put together this handy illustration for you then, so you can spot the Blink-182 Cool Dad this weekend at KTCL's Big Gig, eh?

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