I Am Music documentary crew at Lipgloss tonight

Going to Lipgloss tonight? Dress pretty: the I Am Music crew from St. Louis is in town to film the dance dance revolution. Up until now, I Am Music has focused on individual artists -- DJs and musicians alike -- but tonight, they're partying with the Lipgloss crew, and featuring Lipgloss itself as the "main character" in the film.

The documentary will incorporate artist interviews and the actual party itself; I Am Music will throw down a couple of sets with the Lipgloss residents; once the film itself has been created, boyhollow and option4 will head to the 'Lou to perform at the I Am Music party, which will itself also be filmed and documented. (Whoa ... shit's starting to get meta in here.)

You know the drill: Head to La Rumba tonight at 9 p.m. to catch special guests COR(E)YOGRAPHY and Thomas & Drue, and buy a drink for photographer/videographer Stephen Garnett. Let's show these people how Denver parties!

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