I am the Dot contributes to Tangled; We Weave

We introduced you to Tangled; We Weave a couple of months ago, but if you missed it (and can't be bothered to click that link to catch up), it's a music and photography collaboration between Seattle-based photographer Jennifer Brookes and Denver Musician Eric Peterson (Houses, Old Radio).

Every week, Brookes provides a sequence of 180 photos that are transformed into thirty seconds of video. Peterson writes a thirty second composition. They mash them together into unusually elegant and mysterious micro-videos. Oh, and neither knows what the other is working on until they put it all together. Cool idea, huh?

Well this week, Peterson experienced a little bit of serendipity via a meeting with and realization of odd connection to I Am the Dot's Zach Tipton. That led to an invitation for Tipton to contribute to this week's Tangled; We Weave (along with an assist from Bobby Theberge of Yahoos, an ambient/shoegaze act from Tipton's new/temporary home in Atlanta, Georgia) and the results can be seen/heard above.

We dig it -- not that we don't always enjoy the results of Tangled; We Weave, but we have to say that the slightly jerky, surreal quality of the video is an especially great fit for Tipton's dreamy, floating music. May we be so bold as to suggest a collaboration on a full-blown video for one of the songs off Tipton's upcoming EP?

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