Ice-T is Interviewed... By His Manager

In lieu of the usual Q&A connected to a Backbeat profile, here's something different, and more than a little crazoid: an audio interview conducted with O.G. rapper Ice-T by his manager, Jorge Hinojosa.

What the hell? As noted in this article, from Westword's July 19 edition, Hinojosa initially told yours truly that the Ice man would only do an e-mail interview -- so I dutifully put together a slew of questions and sent them into cyberspace. Later that day, Hinojosa sent back a sound file of an Ice-T quiz session conducted by phone, not e-mail, and when I listened, I initially thought he'd simply read my questions to the "Cop Killer" mouthpiece turned Law & Order: Special Victims Unit cast member. But early on, Hinojosa started changing what I'd written -- shortening it, rephrasing it, and more. He wound up dropping several benign questions, including ones about potential presidential candidate Fred Thompson, an erstwhile L&O actor who occasionally turned up on SVU, and wrapped up with something I didn't ask at all, about whether Ice-T's buxom wife, CoCo, planned to travel with him to Colorado. The suspense is incredible.

Click below and hear the weirdness for yourself. -- Michael Roberts

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