If this is your brain on drugs, we want no part of drugs

We all remember those "This is your brain on drugs" ads, right? Featured a frying egg? Did that ever convince anyone to not use drugs? Yeah, we didn't think so. Today's video though? If the Partnership for a Drug Free America had this, they might have been able to claim "mission accomplished" years ago.

What we have here is three nerdy dudes in skintight (and we mean skintight) body stockings. One red, one green, one blue (that's the band name: Red and Blue and Green). They are sporting some serious moose knuckles (that's the dude version of camel toe, fyi) and sort of spazzing out to some weird, repetitive electro pop in various locations -- laundromats, scenic vistas, recliners. All the while, a spoken/half-chanted of mantra illegal drugs is repeated ad infinitum.

Anyway, it's a disturbing picture of what "Illegal Drugs" might be like. If we were shown this as part of our DARE propaganda, we can't help but think we would have steered far clear of drugs -- not just illegal, but legal as well. Can't be too careful after seeing something like this.

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Cory Casciato is a Denver-based writer with a passion for the geeky, from old science fiction movies to brand-new video games.
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