If you're going to sing a Dio song, for Chrissakes, man, you better not jack around

Just stumbled across this gem on the Smoking Gun (via the Daily Swarm). This just in: If you ever find yourself at a karaoke bar in River Falls, Wisconsin, and you think you're gonna be slick and try your hand at a song by Dio, you better not fuck around. If you're off the mark, you're liable to find yourself on the business end of a beatdown. Same thing goes for Coldplay, evidently, in Washington state. We can think of a few songs that would make us go ape shit -- some because they're sacred and you just don't go there, and some because, well, we hate them with an unbridled passion. Find out which ones could incite us to violence after the jump, and then, of course, feel free to weigh in with your own. -- Dave Herrera

1. "What's Going On" (file under: sacred)

2. "Let's Stay Together" (file under: don't even think about it, champ.)

3. "Baby Got Back" (file under: knock it off. really.)

4. "Two Princes" (file under: fuck off!)

5. "I Kissed a Girl" (file under: no you didn't. shut up already.)

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