In Better Senses leaves a tree on a platter

Wow! It's our first flier of the new year with the year 2011 inscribed on it. Looks kind of weird. Who knew the future would come so quickly? Anyway, this In Better Senses flier keeps things simple but still manages to be a nice combination of the psychedelic and the unsettling -- which pretty much describes the music you'll be privy to, as well.

The image looks like a mash-up of a woodblock print of muscle tissue with a tripped-out Timothy Leary vision on the bottom. The tree on a platter of broken black and white circles with a sun burning in the back seems like something you'd see after doing a bunch of LSD and listening to meditation records.

When you consider the fact that In Better Senses, Blackcell, Last Eyes, 3z13 and DJ Mudwolf all take their inspiration from the likes of industrial, harsh noise, downtempo and electronic, it should come as no surprise that they're going to try to tap into your brain waves at the show. If everything goes as planned, you'll have this image burned into your retina by evening's end, and you won't even remember how it happened.

It's not all up to the musicians, though. VJ Dizy Pixl will be on hand to provide her genre-bending, found-footage, brain-ripping live visuals. It's the type of stuff to give you nightmares if you don't prepare yourself -- and we mean that as the best type of compliment.

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