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Anticipation's building for a steamy Tryst in Denver, but the main man behind the rendezvous is still keeping a few secrets. Although Paul Piciocchi, a self-described "chronic entrepreneur, passable photographer" and the man behind locally based Piciocchi Investments, has a specific opening date in mind for his new club at 1512 Larimer Street, he won't reveal it until that date's confirmed. Right now, all he'll do is offer a vague "mid- to late July." But this club sounds worth waiting for: As the money behind former hot spot Enigma, and as an investor in Rox Lounge, Piciocchi knows how to whet aesthetic appetites and spend well to do things right.

For Tryst, he's gutted both levels of the Writer Square space to create an intimate setting for leisurely, luxuriant lounging. The club's color scheme will involve rich chocolate, cream and burgundy, enhanced by copious candles and digital displays of sight and sound. The upper level will feature a roll-away front wall so clubbers can enjoy an al fresco vibe while they take advantage of the plush, comfortable seating; the lower tier is being designed to make use of the high ceiling and avoid any subterranean blues. Both levels will feature nooks and crannies for those who plan on trysting at Tryst.

While he promises that Tryst will embody elegance and sensuality, Piciocchi also says that guests won't get "picked out of a line" or be "treated like cattle" -- treatment they may get at other clubs. "I think there's a lot of attitude and pretentiousness in LoDo," he explains. "We're not screaming 'Look how cool we are.'" Instead, his goal is to have "gentlemen and ladies serving gentlemen and ladies," with a staff that's trained to meet that ideal.

Finally, a Tryst worth shaving my legs for.

Credit Fernando Baez with creating an event that may really put the "great" in the great outdoors. Originally from D.C., the promoter came to Denver about three and a half years ago and was recently booking after-hours parties at Kazmo's (1395 Kalamath Street) until their popularity outgrew the club's capacity. Now Baez is moving the fun outdoors -- and under the sun. Once a month, he'll present daytime shows in a pavilion at Creek Side Park at the intersection of Cherry Creek Drive and Virginia Avenue in Glendale. The performance series is part of an effort by his company, Empire Eventica, to "help local rising talent," Baez explains.

The first such event, "Communion," on June 20, makes use of Baez's impressive experience with the East Coast electronica scene, which he says dates back to 1989 and includes one sponsored affair "breaking the 7,000-person barrier" in 1992. The featured entertainers will be both local and national DJs: Pete V, East, J' Doze-ya, Inca, Noble One, Jeff C, Skunk and more are in the lineup.

Baez is dedicating this first show to new baby Joaquin and mama Jaci Jones. Awwww.

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