In honor of Hot Sauce Committee Part Two: A look at the Beastie Boys' top five videos

The Beastie Boys have been shaking our ear drums with their mind-blowing rap, hilarious and brilliant lyrics, and daring beats since the '80s. Over the weekend, the crew premiered its new album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two (streaming below), at Madison Square Garden, center court. That momentous occasion, combined with the release of "Fight For Your Right" revisited, got us thinking about the best Beastie Boys videos over the years. After sorting through the ones we love but that didn't make the cut ("Body Movin'," "Three MC's And One DJ," "Hey Ladies," "Pass The Mic" and "So What Cha Want"), we whittled the list down to these five clips.

5. "Sabotage" Lame '70s cops on the beat are what we live for. It's possible that some of us may have dressed up like police officers in bad wigs and fake bushy 'staches, and then leaped around the office singing this song. Maybe. The 1994 tune, featured on the album Ill Communication, with a video directed by Spike Jonze, is one of the Beasties' best-known songs; its hardcore sound and sweet, sweet, turntable scratches are undeniably original and eclectic. The song is cool, but the radness of the video propels the track into one of the great songs of the '90s. And this was pre-Reno 911, bitches.

4. "Make Some Noise" We believe the Beastie Boys asked themselves how many celebrities they could get to put into one video. Their answer? Approximately one bajillion. With cameos from Seth Rogen, Rashida Jones, Orlando Bloom, Will Ferrell, Jack Black, Steve Buscemi, the entire cast of Bored to Death, and on and on and on, this video becomes a "Where's Waldo" of star cameos. "Make Some Noise" is the first released single off their long-awaited new album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, and the video is made as if to follow their first hit, "Fight for Your Right." Not only does the song kick ass, but we're also impressed and jealous that all these famous people love these guys. And the DeLorean at the end? Back to the Future, Beastie style.

3. "(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party)" KICK IT! Songs have been written about teenage angst for years, but none can compare to this 1986 hit. The song appeared on Licensed to Ill and immediately became the war cry of teenagers all over the United States, even if the Beasties themselves claim that the song was meant to ridicule the very cry, and those who would celebrate it, themselves. The Boys have reportedly been reticent to perform it live, but with the self-referential new song "Make Some Noise," that's going to be tough. However you take it, the video kicks some serious '80s ass. We suggest reliving the video by... having a Beastie costume party and inviting all your friends over for soda and pie.

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2. "Shadrach"

This song is all about the Bible, and that's cool, right? Well, no, no, it's not, but the Beastie Boys' artistic spin on the video is amazing. With every frame hand painted, the video will suck you in from beginning to end. From their 1989 album

Paul's Boutique

, this video captures the complete energy of this live song. Plus, with references to Dickens and Salinger, you can always make the argument that it's a song that only the highest of intelligence can understand. It's a stretch, but ah, screw it -- it's the Beastie Boys. No need to make any argument.

1. "Intergalactic" You know you're cool when Biz Markie freestyles on the end of one of your songs, and that's precisely what the Boys got in the video from this 1998 hit. It features a towering, dancing robot fighting a ginormous man-octopus with lobster claws and flippered feet. We can't make this stuff up. It's reminiscent of a kickin' Godzilla film. This cheese-filled video would be booed off anyone's television set and awards show, but the geniuses that are the Beastie Boys have the ability to celebrate lameness, then remix and reshape it into something we not only dance to, but appreciate and admire. Let the beat draaaaawp!

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