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Infected Mushroom

Israel's Infected Mushroom specializes in completely over-the-top psychedelic trance. A breakout act in their homeland's substantial psy-trance scene, the duo takes an unusually eclectic approach to the genre, which has led to some odd crossover attention — being tracked on, for example, a website dedicated to the jam scene. That's not entirely surprising, since the music is mind-bendingly dense and crammed full of weird ideas and sounds — just the thing to appeal to listeners with a head full of illicit chemicals. Mixing in everything from metal guitars to gamelan sounds and layering the whole acid-damaged mess over typical hard trance beats and squiggling synth lines, the music may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it will get you off your head if you're so inclined. Tune in, turn on and trip the fuck out when Infected Mushroom bring its drug-fueled insanity to Cervantes' this Friday, August 17.
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