Innerstate Ike's Moolah Water flows

In the independent hustle of hip-hop, the mantra is: Get in where you fit in. It's all about expansion, new business ventures and more compelling promotion of the music. Under this guise -- and similar to the quarter-water-turned-multi-million-dollar-business-venture of 50 Cent -- Innerstate Ike is launching his own brand of water, aptly titled, "Moolah Water."

Following the premise of the "moolah movement" -- first made popular by Ike and DJ Ktone and now a household brand in many areas of Denver hip-hop -- "Moolah Water" is the promotion for Ike's latest album slated to drop in April.

"Really, 'Moolah Water' goes with the song, "Moolah Shufflin,'" Ike explains. "The album is called, Moolah Music, and it's me, DJ Ktone and DJ Top Shelf Every track is original but it has a mixtape feel. They're really on it to provide that DJ flex, but it's more like a street album."

Ike says using the water as a promotional tool for the album will open his audience to a wider demographic. "Everybody might not listen to my music," he points out, "but they will drink the water, and they'll see the promo on the bottle. It's a good marketing strategy. When you've got something custom, you can put a tag on it or whatever you wanna do."

The official release of "Moolah Water" is set to coincide with the second day of the weeklong festivities associated with DJ Ktone's birthday celebration, "The Greatest Show on Turf." On Friday, March 11, Ike will be on hand at Independent Records promoting "Moolah Water" and his latest single, the TC Crook produced "Moolah Shufflin."

Further proving that cash rules everything around him, Ike says branding water as "moolah" approved is only the beginning. "Right now, everything is about moolah," he notes. "We have the cologne and the scented oil coming out too. It's called, 'Smells Like Moolah.'"

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