Insane Clown Posse vs Odd Future: Without Google, can you pick who's who from the lyrics?

If you look at both Insane Clown Posse (due at the Ogden on September 29) and Odd Future (due in Denver/Boulder next month), you could easily mistake them for being on the same label. Besides the face paint, they have so much else in common: Both groups are loved/hated and take their lyrics and live shows to extremes, and neither seem to give two shits about political correctness or fitting neatly into an easily packaged genre. Without Google's help, can you pick who's who just from the lyrics?

Whoop Whoop or Swag: ICP vs Odd Future

1."With a staggerin' pack of cocaine in the sack of my dick/Where the lips of your teen daughter sits, bitch"

2."Come out asshole naked with my dick in hand/I use cocaine like Kool-Aid mix"*

3. "Tryin to be hard to get you there/A nine milla mil will put you there/Punk ass nigga do your hair six mother fuckers will carry you there"**

4."My penis gets erected and my nipples are such aroused/And the blouses of these bitches always end up in my house/And three hours in the showers with the corpse/I've ejaculated enough semen to sink a boat"

5. "Uh, fuck the church, they singin' and the shit ain't even worth it/In the choir, whores and liars, scumbags and the dirt, bitch"

6."You lash out at the poor/And tell em to give you more/Sell everything off for the church/Sleep on the floor"

7."Is it difficult to ship a boat?/Is a ship a boat? Bringin' in shipments"

8. "All I wanna do is choke a bitch/Roll up a jimmy and smoke the bitch /I dropped outta school and quit my job"*

9."Over rover, do me like Gumby/I'm sure you'd like that, you little skank/And when I finished/I stuffed her fucking head in the fish tank"

10."Usually defecation, now I'm pissing in your ear/My tablet is the ratchet and the pistols in the rear"

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