Insert coin for Pacman Fever

Our collective pop-culture past is littered with the remains of plenty of freaky material. Exhibit A is "Pacman Fever," a novelty rock song from Buckner & Garcia about everyone's favorite pie-shaped video game hero.

It was released at the height of actual Pacman fever. It's hard to remember, but for a while after it hit the US, Pacman was the cultural phenomena of the hour. Strategy guides for it flooded the market, grown men chatted about it at the office watercooler and, well, this song was released. It became a top-ten hit, netted the creators a gold record and then was lost to the sands of time.

But Pacman fever never really ended. There are still occasional outbreaks, such as when Google recently changed its logo to a playable Pacman game and the world lost almost five million man hours in productivity to it in a day.

Anyway, you can find the song below, with a convenient sing-along video. Enjoy it, then go play a game of Pacman because, face it, you were too productive today anyway.


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