Instant, drunken analysis of last night's Das Racist show at Casselman's

Last night's Remedy Relief event, headlined by Das Racist and Pictureplane, got a little ridiculous.

Das Racist didn't even take the stage until 1:15 a.m., and the booze had been flowing freely for roughly five hours at that point. The venue shouted everyone into the street after the show because when your final act doesn't stop playing until 1:54 a.m., that's what the law requires you to do.

We talked to a few fine people hanging around about what they thought about the show.

Stephanie (left), a photographer "It blew my standards. It was the best blow job of my life." Andrew who works at Pizza Casbah in Fort Collins "It wasn't up to my standards. The sound wasn't great." Joel Huerta, employee at Moxie Sozo ad agency "I didn't know Das Receipts. They were fucking awesome." Spencer, art director at Moxie Sozo "When they actually came into their own and started playing, it was good. It took them forever." Ellen Williams, server at HBurger (left) and Molly, a chemistry student at UCD (right) Molly: "They were some fun hipster rap." Ellen: "They were super fun!"

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.