Introducing Open Music Sessions, a live video series featuring excellent bands of all genres

Backbeat's goal has always been to get more people involved in the Denver music scene and to give the people who already are some things to think about or laugh about or generally just spend time with.

That mission has evolved over the years as our resources have, and starting today we're joining with Open Media Foundation and Greater Than Collective to bring you Open Music Sessions: A video series aimed at introducing people to bands and providing context for their music. Which sounds general, we realize -- there's more information below. But the important thing to know at the moment is that you can be part of these sessions as an audience member in the OMF studio. It's at 7th and Kalamath, and if you stop by at 6 p.m. tonight, you join us for some food and drinks and, at 8 p.m., sit in on a live taping of a performance by the already mighty Dragondeer. Oh, and there will be booze and tacos (courtesy of Illegal Pete's). It's all free or by donation. Here's the Facebook page.

Now that the important stuff is out of the way, here's what this thing is: Once a month, we'll bring a band to the Open Media Foundation studio on 7th and Kalamath and record a live performance. In addition to broadcasting the show live on the Denver Open Media TV stations (Comcast channels 56, 57 and 219), we'll edit the clips for certain songs to include additional information about specific lyrics. You'll be able to find those videos on Westword's web site as well as through Greater Than and OMF, where you'll also find additional information about the band and the recordings of individual instruments on select songs.

We're excited about this collaboration. The equipment at Open Media Foundation is state of the art and the studio is a facility capable of producing incredibly high quality content. Colin Bricker, someone we named among the best sound engineers in Denver, set up the audio facilities for the studio, and he is managing a team of audio experts to record the shows

The organization's mission of providing resources and education to help Denverites create media on several platforms is one we greatly admire. Open Music Sessions got its start as First Friday Live, a similar performance series OMF has been perfecting for several years now.

And Greater Than Collective -- an unconventional record label supported by Illegal Pete's -- brings with its staff decades of experience in the Denver music scene and a roster of bands (and comedians) that reflects a dedicated effort to bolster excitement in the art of this city.

So look for several good ways to get to know Dragondeer in this space in the coming weeks. And come by tonight to see what we're working on. Here's how:

Open Music Sessions Featuring Dragondeer and comedian Chris Charpentier Friday, June 6 (tonight!) Doors at 6 p.m., taping from 8 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Denver Open Media: 700 Kalamath Street Free Illegal Pete's taco bar (while supplies last) and beer and wine for donation RSVP

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Kiernan Maletsky is Westword's music editor. His writing has appeared in alt-weeklies around the country as well as Miley Cyrus's mom's Twitter feed.
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