Introducing: Our Van Could Be Your Life. This week: Gomez rolls in sparkly violet.

What you see above is Gomez's tour bus. Gomez was playing at the Ogden last night, which meant that their bus was more-or-less in front of a certain (ahem) Backbeat contributor's apartment. It was parked in the exact same spot as every other tour bus that chauffeurs a band to its stop at the Ogden, which inspired our latest feature Our Van Could Be Your Life (which is ironic, of course, because the Minutemen would never, ever charter a bus), in which we take a photo of these busses and make unfounded assumptions about the band.

Based on their lyrics, we assume Gomez was drawn to this bus for clumsy metaphorical reasons. Particularly the stripes, which call to mind the wings of a dainty bird, and represent the band's approach to indie rock: Soft, hollow and ready to flee to warmer climates the minute things get cold and dark. As for the glitter, which you can't see in that picture, but it's there, mixed into the purple paint -- that's for the guy who occasionally sings lead vocals and sounds like James Blunt.

They had a white trailer in tow. We imagine this holds, in addition to the usual array of equipment, a rollaway cot so they can banish one of their three guitar players to the trailer to make room for Dave Matthews, who runs their label, in case he needs a place to crash.

OK, so they probably landed in Chicago or wherever this tour started after a flight from their native England and hopped on whatever bus had been provided for them. And maybe we're just bitter because Gomez apparently has a shitload of fans and there was nowhere for us to park. That won't stop us from doing this same thing in about a week, when Band of Horses comes to town. Get excited.

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