Introducing the lo-fi digital weirdness of Hideous Men

Take two parts freak folk and one part New Wave, filter it through a dying Gameboy, then melt shards of sampled hip-hop into the mix and allow to congeal into something weird. That should give you some idea of what to expect with Hideous Men, one of the latest and most interesting bands to emerge from the Rhinoceropolis lo-fi experimental electronic scene. Sure, there are plenty of rough edges, but there's also plenty to like. The tunes are full of odd shifts and changes, treated vocals that rub against tinkling digital timbres, burbling washes of noise that chug in and out and hypnotically simple beats that drive the whole thing home.

Fans of the BDRMPPL, the weirder, more experimental side of bands like Enon and/or mixing their ADD medication with medical marijuana then staying up all night to play video games will all find something to like here. They've got four songs up on MySpace, one of which, "Dreamscene," you can download from the band's website. If you dig those, you'll be glad to hear they've just finished an album and all you have to do is hit up the men directly if you want a copy.

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