DJs Boyhollow and Max Klaw are kicking off a monthly all-disco party tonight at the Walnut Room, but before you break out that white jumpsuit and faux-Saturday Night Fever shuffle, you need to know this is not about the irony. "We think this music deserves a real forum for expression and for people to learn about it as a valid and important music form," Boyhollow explains.

Irony free disco at Problems D'Amour tonight

And he's right. The slander of "disco sucks" is tired and ignorant, especially considering the love showered on acts such as Daft Punk, Justice, LCD Soundsystem and Lady GaGa -- acts that draw directly from the disco well, even if their fans don't always realize it. Boyhollow promises a night full of vintage disco and Italo-disco from the late '70s and early-to-mid '80s. "I never plan my sets in advance, but a sampling all around of what I'm thinking of is stuff like Giorgio Moroder, Cerrone, George McCrae, Scotch, Cyber People...along with more well-known disco classics," he says. "I'll probably try to avoid stuff like Chic because I think it may bring the irony into play too much."

Leave your preconceptions and your snarky, hipster bullshit at the door and come down expecting nothing but a chance to shake your ass and have a good time and that's what you'll get. And if I'm wrong, and you hate disco as much as your prejudice tells you to expect, then the fifty-cent PBRs and two-buck pitchers should ease the pain considerably.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.