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The thumbprint of At the Drive-In will doubtless be leaving impressions on post-hardcore forever -- but few pretenders to that throne possess as much energy, honesty and soul as Irradio. The San Diego quintet came together six years ago and has since released two albums, 2002's Semantic Noise and last year's Make-Up for the Inaugurated. The latter was produced by Ben Moore, who has worked with San Diegan heavyweights like Rocket From the Crypt and Hot Snakes; the result is an album dense with tugging loops of bass and supple guitar interplay that recalls the Exit at its most frantic, as well as Pretty Girls Make Graves' sense of tightly wound melodic complexity. Irradio will appear on Saturday with Hot Rod Circuit, Laymen Terms and They Murdered Miracles, and on Sunday with Uphollow, Pena and Autonomous Collective. The comparisons to At the Drive-In may be unavoidable, but Irradio manages to take a sound already corrupted by commercialism and infuse it with a humble and captivating urgency.
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Jason Heller
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