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It's official: Justin Bieber more badass than Axl Rose

Well, it's official. Guns 'n' Rose frontman Axl Rose is less of a man than Justin Bieber, and we have the video evidence to prove it. As you'll see in the video above (skip to 1:20 or so if you want to avoid the histrionic intro to "Welcome to the Jungle"), Rose basically throws a fit and threatens to walk off stage after being splashed with some water from a thrown bottle (the crowd were apparently a little pissed that he'd kept them waiting for over and hour with an unspecified delay -- read about the whole incident here). Then, a few songs later, he makes good on the threat and leaves and has to be cajoled back out on stage to play a few more songs. Poor baby! Now, we know no one likes getting pelted by projectiles on stage, but compare Rose's reaction to the reaction of little Bieber...

The lil' guy just shakes it off and continues with his shtick after getting hit directly in the noggin. That may or may not make him an idiot (your call) but it definitely makes him several times more badass than primadonna Axl Rose, who can't handle getting wet (maybe he melts?). We've known for some time that Rose was a past his prime, but when Justin Bieber can show you up in the manliness department, it's time to turn in your rock god credentials for good. Goodby, Axl -- we hardly knew what a wuss you were.

Until you gave us video evidence, anyway.

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