JeffCo Open School's Global Elements Festival is like "Burning Man meets Renaissance Fair"

Next Friday, April 27, the Jefferson County Open School is throwing an event that it describes as being like "Burning Man meets the Renaissance Festival." And from the sounds of it, the Global Elements Festival is going to pack quite a punch, with enough activities jammed into one night for an entire weekend, from bouncy castles and fire spinners to the Whomp Truck crew and the Kentucky Parlor Pickers. "It started as 'Let's make this a fun event for the students,'" says Jordan Friedlander, who's helping coordinate the event, "and it turned into 'Let's make this fun for everyone.'"

The festival, which takes place next Friday at the Jefferson County Open School (7655 West Tenth Avenue), is unlike anything the school has ever put on. "I have devoted a lot of time and energy to make this a cool event," says Friedlander "and it's become full of amazing and inspiring people." People like Dave Cabellero, who will be doing black-light face painting in a special black-light tent. There are going to be glow-in-the-dark drinks from Rocket Fizz, Friedlander reports, and the Pirate Club will be walking around with flags and saying "Aaarrgh" -- "which is great," he enthuses.

But wait -- that's not all: There will also be storytelling for kids of all ages starting with the youngsters in the afternoon, and then more age-appropriate stories for the older crowd, and the Ultimate Frisbee club will be doing a demonstration with glow-in-the-dark discs. Food will be provided by Boundary Waters, and seedlings will be sold to raise money for the gardening club.

"We got our hands on some projectors," Friendlander reveals, "and interested students will be doing a lot of the veejaying for the event." In addition to the events listed on the website, there will also be spinners from the local Lunar Fire crew, and even some battle-bot fights from the JCOS robot team. "All of the money raised is going toward the school," Friedlander says, "and for trips, classes, and more teaching tools."

A noble cause if ever there was one.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.