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Once upon a time, the existence of Jennifer Lopez CDs was entirely justified by the photos included with them. Given that she's now 34 years old and has become one of the most overexposed celebrities to tread the planet's surface, I figured this would no longer be true -- but I'm thrilled to report I was wrong. The raccoon-eyed front-cover shot is a miss, but the image on the back of the jacket, in which J.Lo wears a cowboy hat and nothing else, is definitely capable of provoking a yee-haw, as are pics that show her writhing on a beach wearing what appear to be undersized bandanas. Nothin' wrong with that kind of overexposure!

Those of you who bother to check out the disc itself will find a couple of decent songs, including the dumb-but-catchy single "Get Right" and the also-dumb/also-catchy "Whatever You Wanna Do." But "(Can't Believe) This Is Me," the requisite Marc Anthony collab, is a snooze, and Warrant's "Cherry Pie" is preferable to hers. Musically, that is.

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