Jim McTurnan & The Kids That Killed The Man start the push on their new album with a video

Jim Mcturnan & The Kids That Killed The Man, fresh off the release of their excellent album Joie De Vivre, have made a video for standout single "Give Up Suffering." The conceit couldn't be simpler. McTurnan explains: "I wanted to use footage of us actually playing as a way of introducing the band," he says. "Back in the days of videos on TV, a band's first video was almost always the band simply playing. It was just the easiest way to give people a sense of what a band was all about."

McTurnan & The Kids, no strangers to seeing an album off into the world, begin a nationwide campaign this week. PR is being handled by Minneapolis firm The Swim Agency, and they'll promote a couple singles in advance of the "official" release date for Joie De Vivre on April 26.

"We are going to start our radio campaign in May," says McTurnan. "And contrary to a lot of sound professional advice, we are going to try all digital delivery for that as well."

It's an interesting strategy -- whether the music world's infrastructure is ready for an exclusively digital release remains to be seen. If Joie De Vivre winds up reaching lots of people around the country and world who wouldn't have heard it without the legwork McTurnan and the band are putting in, that will be a compelling model for other bands facing harrowing margins on pressing copies.

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