JLo's "On The Floor" vs. Diddy's "Ass On The Floor"

American Idol reunited JLo and Diddy last night, when the latter came to perform on the show now judged by the former. In case you need a refresher, the two had a very public, very volatile relationship ten years ago.

And, for years, they stayed completely clear of each other, in interviews or otherwise. In the past three months, they have both released singles with "On The Floor" in the titles. The video for JLo's debuted last week on Idol, in fact. We thought it only fitting, in honor of the ex-lovers re-convergence, to see which past-his/her-prime musician is making better music these days.

Production "Ass On The Floor", no question. Swizz Beatz over RedOne in general, as well, but particularly here: "On the Floor" is a toothless bit of club fuzz and "Ass On The Floor" is... I mean, you heard those drums, right?

Rapping "On The Floor", despite the "back it up like a Tonka Truck" line, which is a creepy metaphor whose popularity we have never understood. Diddy is many things, but rapper is not really one of them at this point. Maybe why his verse is buried three-quarters of the way through the song. And we feel Pitbull is an underrated purveyor of guest verses.

Chorus "On The Floor" JLo is still better at singing a hook than Diddy's new posse. The "On The Floor" chorus is a lot more catchy than the "Ass On THe Floor" chorus, and given that they're both ostensibly club bangers, that's important.

Video "Ass On The Floor" Also not close. Even JLo's dancing prowess cannot rescue another stupid in the club conceit, and the frozen tundra thing is awesome, if for no other reason, than it gives Swizz Beatz an excuse to wear an old-timey aviation helmet.

Verdict: Technically a tie, but we're going to say "Ass On The Floor" just because we think it is a much better song, breakdowns aside.

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