John Joseph of Cro-Mags is giving walking tours of NYC. Who would give the best tour of Denver?

A rock-and-roll promoter in New York has tapped Cro-Mags frontman John Joseph to host walking tours of New York City's musical landmarks. Besides being an incredibly cool way to see the city and absorb its rich history, the idea got us thinking: Who would give a kick-ass tour of Denver? Who would you pick to show people the city we love, and what would such a tour entail? Click through for a few of our ideas. 5. Joe Thunder Joe Thunder got our nod as Best Local Hip-Hip Champion this year for a reason -- because he knows this town and its happenings like the back of his hand. He is involved with so many facets of the scene that we'd imagine a walking tour would end up taking five or six days, but you'd walk away so filled with knowledge, you wouldn't be able to complain about your sore legs. 4. Virgil Dickerson Virgil has been an integral part of the music community in Denver for at least fifteen years, and because of that experience, we'd tap him to give us a walking tour of Denver's best and long-lost punk and indie venues. His encyclopedic knowledge of Denver's zine's could also come into play, although we'd imagine it'd come in the form of random banter while walking as opposed to pointing out the houses of former zinesters. 3. Rockstar Aaron We'd like to pretend like we'd know what to expect from a walking tour with Rockstar Aaron, but the truth is, we picked him because we have no idea what he'd do. Depending on the day of the week, you might get a short block-wide tour of Broadway -- but there's also a reasonable chance he'd take you to the seediest, most back-alley bars you've ever been to. It doesn't really matter, because no matter what the tour included, it'd be a great time. 2. Andrew Novick Andrew Novick has collected so much crap over the years that he had an art show last year collecting together just a small portion of his stuff to show off to the public. The greatest part about getting a walking tour from Novick might actually be the fact that you wouldn't really need to do much walking. It'd be more of a sitting tour where everyone sat on the floor with their legs crossed and listened and watched as Novick brought out crazy things he's collected over the years. Of course, if he wanted, Novick could most certainly give an astounding tour of the city's DIY venues over the years, but we think we might prefer a night of weird accoutrements. 1. Magic Cyclops / Mr. Pacman We'd want these two to team up for a number of reasons, namely because Magic Cyclops is mostly known as a Ft. Collins native, but we'd still like to have him show us around town (and probably get lost). He and Mr. Pacman would be able to give a great tour of Denver's different video-game stores, pawn shops, used-computer stores and, if they're frisky, the hospitals they've been taken to after sustaining on-stage injuries.

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