John Parr turns "St. Elmo's Fire" into "Tim Tebow's Fire"

Okay, I know we're all a little Tebow crazed around here these days and with good reason, but is anybody else here befuddled by the retooled version of John Parr's mid '80s tune "St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion)," in which England's elder mullet ambassador has inexplicably revised the original lyrics to include the line "Tim Tebow's fire"? Lest you think we're being all curmudgeonly here as we sometimes tend to be (who us?), behold the inanity of the other new lyrics -- it's incredulous. Seriously! "All I need's my Broncos team/Take me where my future's lyin'/Tim Tebows Fire"? Um, WTF, dude?

Our friends at Fox 31 somehow tracked down Parr wherever he happens to be hanging his hat these days (hands up if you were surprised to find that Parr still exists somewhere) and he offered up this explanation:

"He's a real maverick. I really like people who believe in something and I'm not necessarily talking religion. I like people who are passionate about something. I think we are living in a world where people have lost faith in whatever--our leaders, politicians, whatever. And I think it's nice when someone believes in something and it sustains them to do something."

Um, yeah, sure, Mr. Parr. Whatever you say. Couldn't possibly be because you saw a chance to get everybody talking about you for the first time since the Reagan administration and then jumped on it, now could it? C'mon, son!

But we digress. Brace yourself, fellow citizen. The homage is set to continue. Word has it, Parr has reportedly penned another ode to Tebow called "Just a Man." We can hardly wait. In the meantime, while we're on the subject -- or, more to point, while he's still on the subject -- Parr might do well to consider the fact that QB's still a virgin (last we heard anyway) and think about reworking his other tune from the '80s, "Naughty Naughty" for the benefit (and from the purview of) all the eager lasses looking to punch old Timmy's V-card. Now that's a remake we can co-sign, and the revisions that one require are minimal. Uh-huh. See? Now we're cooking with gas!

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