Jon Gutwillig of the Disco Biscuits on Red Rocks, the pop-up store, Bisco Inferno and Big Boi

If a three night run culminating at Red Rocks isn't enough to show the height of The Disco Biscuits success, then opening a pop-up store to release the two-disc DVD will make it so. We wanted to find out more about this guerrilla marketing campaign, so we went straight to the source and spoke with guitarist and Biscuits' founder, Jon Gutwillig, who tells us he and the band have surpassed all of their personal expectations.

Westword:What first brought you to Colorado, and what keeps you coming back?

Jon Gutwillig: We really like working with Don Strasburg, who has always supported the band, and he has made Colorado a market for us. He makes it so you never want to skip Colorado. Couple that with Red Rocks, and you get some real good synergy.

This is the third year for the Disco Biscuits to kick off the tour in Colorado. What made you choose Red Rocks to do so?

Our first gig in Colorado was in a Chinese restaurant in Boulder on linoleum floors, and from there to Red Rocks has been amazing, We felt like these Red Rocks concerts were great, and some people are really proud of every note we've played on those stages. Additionally, Red Rocks is just a really amazing place; you guys are so lucky. It's amazing they could make that. Basically it was there, and all you had to add was a soda vendor.

We are lucky. What made you decide to open up a pop-up store?

We filmed and made the best video -- really the best concert series you can view if you have a home theater. It's like your always reliving the event. The pop-up store is because we are releasing a Disco Biscuits two-disc DVD set of our previous two Biscos from 2009 and 2010, which were both great concerts. That's part of the implicit deal with Colorado: They will support you and you have to bring it. You can't half ass a Colorado show. The people make Colorado special, and the store is a chance to bring the band and the people together.

And what's going to be going on at the store?

Just a friendly meet and greet with the band, some drinks and some food and the DVD premier. It's also a good time to mingle with friends and fans to talk about jam band music philosophy. It's going to be great.

Past Biscos have showcased a broad spectrum of talent, from Booka Shade to this year's Rusko appearance. How do choose the openers and set breaks?

With Rusko at Red Rocks, well, he's just a great dude in general. Aside from his skill, he's hilarious and one of the most fun guys in the game. A good portion of the credit is due to him in regard to dubstep. It's easy to underestimate how much credit is due to him, his tracks, and what he's done for that scene.

This year, you are bringing out Big Boi. How did that relationship come to be?

Big boi is the superstar. We shared a stage with him at Verizon [Atlanta] last year with Sound Tribe Sector 9. He just seems real cool to kick it. People were really positive about his show afterwards, he wanted to do another one, we wanted to do another, and the fans wanted to do another one. So, that's that.

Emancipator, as well, who is kind of low on the scene, but he has this chill vibe going on. He played a festival with us in Mexico, where he played the pool set, and he was just incredible. Nico's gun just finished a new EP, and they are from Philly, too, so we brought them on board with us.

The store opens up tonight at 1st and Broadway starting at 5p.m. followed by a DVD premier at 7p.m. Don't miss it.

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