Jonathan and BPro release first of the "Neon Animated" video trilogy

Denver dance-pop duo Jonathan and BPro have left the building -- or the state, rather, moving and shaking virtually under the radar, all the way to New York City just a few weeks ago. "We're just working on promoting," Billy Prohaska says via speaker phone from NYC, "and bringing the Jonathan and BPro world to the East Coast."

Hinting to the fact that the group may not be gone forever, the two have been hard at work on new material for a follow-up to this year's self-titled debut.

"We've got about six demos that we're working on right now," Jonathan Nelson chimes in from the background, "but we want to improve on the sound we've already accomplished."

J&BP recently released a two-minute video clip of "Neon Animated" on their website, with the intent of getting some feedback from fans. "Instead of a traditional video, the piece will come in three parts over the next couple of months," Prohaska says, "altering it as we go along and building it into a sort of megamix."

On top of an impending sophomore album, the dudes also shared that there are three club-bumping remixes in the works involving three different producers -- two of which are from Denver. They promised more details as release dates materialize.

Check out the first installment of "Neon Animated" below, a wonderful snapshot of not only Jonathan and BPro's musical appeal, but the clincher, their self-described "1980s/1950s" visual presence.

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