Melty, but not quite like this
Melty, but not quite like this

Justin Bieber transformed into mystical oceanic drone masterpiece

So it turns out Justin Bieber does have a purpose after all (well, a purpose beyond being annoying and giving pre-pubescent girls their first crush object). A musician by the name of Nick Pittsinger took Bieber's "U Smile," slowed it down 800 percent as a joke and inadvertently created a 35-minute masterpiece of ambient beauty that sounds like Vangelis writing a love song about the sun melting into the ocean.

It sounds too good to be true, but it's genuinely one of the coolest-sounding drone pieces we've stumbled across in a while. And you'd almost certainly never guess it was based on a Bieber track if we didn't tell you. Though you might be able to get your little sister into drone and experimental work by turning her on to this...

Take a listen via the embedded player below, or you can download the melty Bieber ocean-drone song here.


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