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Kate Simko

Kate Simko's minimal techno is full of echoing splashes of color, snatches of distant metal percussion expanding from the void, and cryptic hints of melodies that tease from the wings. Simko creates the perfect backdrop for interstellar passages — beautiful sounds you can imagine accompanying Voyager as it glides through space toward distant solar systems. Her songs are imbued with a peculiar warmth and musicality not typically associated with techno, most likely a result of her classical and jazz backgrounds. Simko's overall aesthetic is unagressive yet insistent, always pushing but never pushy. Her spacious and elegant arrangements reveal a balanced, intuitive approach to synthesizing disparate elements into a cohesive whole. Would-be space travelers can download free live sets from her website ( before catching her in person at Dope Sessions 4 on Saturday, July 28, at Trilogy Wine Bar in Boulder. Visit for more information.
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