Keeping up with the Johnsons

The Johnson family never ceases to amaze us with their extraordinary talent. From making music (Nathan Johnson, musician, Cinematic Underground) to making films (Rian Johnson, auteur, Brick and Brothers Bloom) to making records (Aaron Johnson, producer, God or Julie/ and the Fray), the Johnsons are an exceptional bunch. We were just reminded of this earlier today as we stumbled across the video for Katie Chastain's "Snowshow." Nathan directed the clip, posted above, this past June in Martha's Vineyard, with the help of some friends, including his old pal Isaac Slade, who pitched in on the camera crew, and his lovely wife Anna, who also helped with production. Although he's been working on a new project with Chastain -- My Antagonist, which we're eager to hear more about -- it looks like Nathan's becoming quite the producer in his own right. In addition to performing on and producing Chastain's latest effort, Firecracker, Nathan was in Denver a few weeks ago working with Andrea Ball on her next record.

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