Kid Hum drops two new albums and a new video

Kid Hum (aka Dylan Avery) has been keeping a low profile these days, lurking in the shadows and only showing his face periodically to gift the masses with new music. At the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve, he dropped The Beet Tape, and the new joint comes hot on the heels of his other project, the exceptional instrumental album, Love to Give, which dropped last month. A track from Love to Give has been given the motion-picture treatment by Konsequence (Jeremy Pape). Page down to sample both records and watch the new video.

The musicality of "Meat Jun" is perfect for the clip, which was filmed at GirlGrabbers' Headquarters. "Meat Jun" is a standout track from Love to Give, and the production rides an easy wave throughout the video'. This joint might make your head spin a little, but the story is easy to follow.

Working with Konsequence, Kid Hum was impresed by the young video director's dedication to hip-hop and says that and his genuine smarts about his craft is what made the process so seamless. "Working with Jeremy is a blessing," declares Hum. "He is extremely smart and has a great work ethic. His dedication to hip-hop is truly inspiring. I would invoke Nipsey Hussle to describe Jeremy; he is a man on a Marathon."

With the exception of one snippet, The Beet Tape is the only collection of sample-free music Hum has released so far. "I almost used a different name for The Beet Tape," he reveals, "because it is the only collection of sample-free music I have released so far. The only obvious exception is 'Brains,' which is just a little Hall and Oates sample I threw on the album for transitional purposes. In fact, 'transitional purposes' would be a great way to sum up my reason for making both Love to Give and The Beet Tape."

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