Kid Hum's 'Fossil Fuels' turn into 'Offshore Drilling'

Back in December we lauded Colorado producer Kid Hum's solo instrumental album, Fossil Fuel, which he offered for free download. Apparently a lot of rappers felt inspired to possibly spit a rhyme or two over those instrumentals. With a blessing from Kid Hum, Khal of rockthedub.com proceeded to gather and round up a variety of MCs who expressed interest to kick verses over the music for a project titled, Offshore Drilling. The album includes contributions from Colorado's own Whygee and Sunkenstate, as well as Braille Portland and New York MC PreZZure. The good news? You can download the project for free after the jump.

Offshore Drilling

1. Cy Yung "Audobon"
2. Whygee "Klonopins"
3. Prezzure "Never Say Never"
4. Sunken State "Gingivitis"
5. Brown Bag All-Stars "Disappointment"
6. Junclassic "Angst"
7. Joulz Il "My Microphone"
8. Hellz Yea! "RTD Anthem
9. L. Chanes "Church"
10. Pugz Atomz ft. Primeridian & Awdazcate "The Ride"
11. Braille "Thinking Shoes"
12. Cy Yung "Cy De B"
13. Blueface (Sky 7th & Lou Sleefe) "50 Years"
14. Bonus Track: Junclassic "Passport"
15. Bonus Track: Sunken State "Cavities"

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