Concert Reviews

King Mob, Modern Witch, Married in Berdichev and Hideous Men at The Meadowlark 2/4/11

Modern Witch • Married In Berdichev • Hideous Men
02.05.11 | Meadowlark

Most people who have seen Ben Martin perform have probably seen him as a guitarist and singer in experimental rock band Lil Slugger. But last night, he teamed up with his brother Sam for a duo that made some legitimately soulful synth-pop. Turns out Ben is a talented R&B singer, and that element, mixed in with the vintage synth sound reminiscent of certain strains of hip-hop and electronic post-punk with a touch of Giorgio Moroder, made for a sound that wouldn't have been out of place in the Miami dance clubs seen in Scarface and Miami Vice. The whole inside of the stage proper was dressed up in some kind of silver mylar or some other thin plastic as was the table on which the electronic instruments used by the Martin brothers sat. With colorful projections going, there was a beautifully retro-futurist feel to the set.

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Tom Murphy is a writer, visual artist and musician from Aurora, Colorado. He was a prolific music writer for Westword and a documenter of the Denver music scene.