Party After Hours When Knew Conscious Celebrates Its Grand Opening

Founder Kurt Redeker stands in Knew Conscious's new location.
Founder Kurt Redeker stands in Knew Conscious's new location. Ryan Fitzgerald of Jarred Media
Knew Conscious, the nearly decade-old DIY after-hours club and art gallery, has had a rough road to reopening, including legal squabbles, broken contracts, zoning-code issues and fractured relationships. But Kurt Redeker, the artist and entrepreneur behind the project, has remained steadfast in his commitment to rebuilding his hub of electronic music and psychedelic art, despite multiple setbacks finding a new location.

Redeker has announced that in January, Knew Conscious will finally open, at 2350 Lawrence Street.

"The biggest thing to expect is it will have the same intimate feel as the original location on Walnut Street, except it is bigger and newer,” explains Redeker in a statement.

The new space will use a Traction Sound System, one of only two in the U.S., which minimizes high-frequency distortion while providing world-class sound.

While Redeker originally had visions of dab bars and a mix of cannabis and alcohol consumption, he has backpedaled on some of that.

"Redeker stresses the new location will operate in 100 percent compliance with the city," according to the statement. "In order to attend events, patrons MUST become members. Knew Conscious is created by the members for the members. It is a private club — a home away from home. Once memberships are activated, members will be treated to an exclusive, all-inclusive, club inside."

On Saturday, January 18, the social club, art gallery and music venue will christen its new space with a free grand-opening party and art show dubbed The Awakening that runs from 7 to 11 p.m.

The show will include works by Andrew Davis, Angel Toren, Anna Charney, David Cooley, Elise Wehle, Irene Lopez Leon, Krzysztof Syruc, Lala Abaddon, Mediah, Morten Andersen, Rebekka Borum, Uri Martinez, Victor Fota, Vladimir Kraynyk, Imai Yusk and Zander Lampkin. JackLNDN and Blacksmith will perform.

At 11 p.m., the club will transform into a members-only social club. Those interested in becoming members should go to the Knew Conscious website. Options run from $30 to $950. 
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