Knuckle Pups Shot a Music Video in a Storage Room to Apply for Treefort

Denver indie-rock quintet Knuckle Pups has released a new music video for the single "Bottom Baby."
Denver indie-rock quintet Knuckle Pups has released a new music video for the single "Bottom Baby." Oliver Holloway
Denver indie-punk band Knuckle Pups has released a music video for its song “Bottom Baby.” It's the second video off the band's debut EP, San Panino.

Directed by Jamon Tolbert, the "Bottom Baby" video shows the up-and-coming bandmates performing live in the storage unit where they rehearse, giving viewers a taste of what the band looks like on stage.

Making the music video was not exactly a methodical process for the Knuckle Pups members: Upon realizing they needed a video to submit their work to a music festival, they quickly scraped together a Live Sessions series of videos, which will eventually include multiple live performances of songs off of San Panino.

"We've applied to play the Treefort festival in Idaho, and they asked for videos. I was like, 'Well, we don’t have any videos; might as well make a video,'” says frontman Oliver Holloway, who works as a teacher. “I happened to have a former student of mine that’s a brilliant cinematographer, and I thought, 'Well, maybe I’ll see if he’s interested in helping us out.'”

Knuckle Pups, which includes members of the Denver-based group Mega Gem, elected to play it safe and simple with the project.

“I don’t think we wanted to do a full music video, because we want to do videos for everything when we release a full album and do a final production of some of these songs," Holloway says. "We kind of want to re-record the songs from the San Panino EP cassette and do an album eventually.

Bear and the Beasts single release, with Los Mocochetes, The Interesting Times Gang and Knuckle Pups, 8 p.m. Thursday, January 10, Lost Lake Lounge, 3602 East Colfax Avenue.
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