Kontrast and Fo Chief present: Cannonball Soup

Cannonball Soup, the mix tape from Fresh Breath Committee's Kontrast and Fo Chief, hosted by Joe Thunder, is just what the hip-hop doctor ordered on these, the coldest days in January. Full of beats mostly drawn from Kontrast's refined ears, the production is great, and the rapping is even better.

There are a few features worth noting: MC Big House, on "Shinobi Rap," appearances from fellow posse members such as Catch Lungs on "Unwind" and the entire crew on "We Coming." And it's not only the rapping, but Fo Chief's singing definitely get shine. Kontrast gets it on the lyrical versatility front. An appearance by DJ Skip Ripkin with the cuts on "Fly" enhances continuity on an overall hip-hop feel.

Made up of 24 tracks, each one a different performance of exceptional rapping, Cannonball soup offers more than enough thematic value. Crystal, the resident songstress in the crew, is brilliant on "Fingerprints," and Fo Chief has more flavor than a little bit with his flow on that joint.

Joe Thunder is excellent and absolutely hilarious on the intro and also the "Cloutro" where, on a trip to Canada, he continuously hears the voices of Bone Thugz N' Harmony. Basically, he's getting high as the fuck on the trek for this tape, and the Soup, is so worth it.

The digital release is available for free download now, while the hard copies are slated to drop on February 15, and will come with a six-panel comic foldout featuring the characters on the cover. Those will be given away for free at all upcoming shows.

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