Kreayshawn vs Rick Ross: Despite downplaying diss to MTV, apparently her diss was intended

Kreayshawn versus Rick Ross, part deux: So last week, Kreayshawn -- the rowdy, door-knocker earring wearing, n-bomb dropping, pill-pushing, white-girl rapper from Oakland, who talks a lot of a smack and proclaims to back it up with the swag oozing from her ovaries -- was taken to task for a line in a recent freestyle about Rick Ross being fake. In an interview segment on MTV, she said the jab was no offense to Rick Ross. This YouTube clip seems to suggest otherwise. Check out Kreayshawn blasting The Bawse with what she really meant to say. Ding! Ding! Ding! It's on. [MostlyJunkFood]

What she meant to say, evidently:

What she told MTV:

The alleged diss in question:

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