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Kristeen Young

You gotta hand it to a gal who calls her record Breasticles. Not entirely sure what she was shooting for there, but we're guessing it's either shorthand for a guy who has man-boobs or a woman with breasts that sag like, well, testicles. Whatever the case, Young clearly has balls -- or, rather, bush. When she sings, that is. Uh, Kate Bush. She's a ballsier Kate Bush. On both 2004's Breasticles and The Orphans, her latest effort, Young's vocals recall vintage Bush, only with a delivery that's raw and unrestrained. Banging the hell out of her keyboard while her drummer BabyJeff White gets heavy-handed on his kit (yep, the music pretty much consists of just keys, drums and vocals), Young has attracted a number of high-profile fans, among them Tony Visconti, who produced both Breasticles and Orphans; David Bowie, who makes a cameo on the former; and Morrissey, who tapped her to support him on his current tour. Maybe they'll all guest on her next record, which, with any luck, will be called Young and the Breastless.
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