Update (12/6/11): 2011 KTCL Hometown for the Holidays finalists just announced. Click here for the full list.

KTCL Hometown for the Holidays finalists

KTCL has announced the finalists for its annual Hometown for the Holidays promotion, in which they pick songs from ten (eleven this year) local bands to add to regular rotation, leading up to a concert -- taking place this year at Casselman's next Saturday night -- featuring the top three finalists.

Songs from this year's contenders (listed below) have been submitted to the station's music survey members, who will determine which trio of acts will receive a photo shoot, which one will receive three days of recording time at the Blasting Room and which will walk away with $1,000. The finalists were selected by a KTCL staffers plus a panel of industry types and Epilogues, last year's winners.

The Heyday - "Fools Go Fallin'" Monroe Monroe - "Squeeze" My Body Sings Electric - "Step Into the Light" Vices I Admire - "Heartbreaker" Bop Skizzum - "I'm So Much Cooler Than Your Boyfriend" Air Dubai - "Restless Youth" Lola Black - "Borracho" Nautical Mile - "Rhythm" The Swayback - "Die Finks" Regret Night - "Days We Wasted" Churchill - "Miles"

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