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Kyau & Albert at Beta

The most compelling thing about trance duo Kyau & Albert is the bizarre vibe of their podcast voiceovers: it's very Dieter-from-Sprockets meets Hans & Franz, and it is hilarious (unintentionally, we presume). Those awkward interludes really liven up the mixes and make the whole thing more fun. The act is also one of the more interesting trance acts to emerge in the past ten years, but that's damnation by faint praise — they still sound like most other trance: bombastic, cheese-covered and stiff. They do show a willingness to mix things up, pulling in tracks from complementary styles (they had a Gui Boratto track featured last month, for example), utilizing more dynamics than most trance and the use of vocals that recall the heyday of synth pop. It's still not the kind of thing that's going to convince non-devotees to become trance partisans anytime soon, but it won't stop anyone from enjoying a club set from these guys. Find out for yourself on Thursday, May 28, when Kyau & Albert play at Beta. If they promise to say a few words between songs, we'll definitely be there.

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