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LA Riots

Daniel LeDisko and Jo'B, the twosome currently causing LA Riots, are the remixers of the moment — definitely a short-term position given the trendiness of the international club scene, but one that can occasionally lead to greater things. The duo, who'll share the console with Felix Cartel, have only been rocking their collective moniker since 2007, but their dial-twisting on "The Party," a Justice fave rave, quickly led to gigs for acts ranging from Chromeo and Photek to Weezer and Hot Chip — and to their credit, they tend to put rhythmic impact ahead of fidelity to the raw material. Take "Part of Me," a reimagining of a Chris Cornell and Timbaland collaboration that works far better than the original by de-emphasizing Cornell in order to focus on (and jolt to life) what turns out to be a fairly effective hook. This approach may not endear them to clients over the long haul, but it's capable of making dancers very happy.

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