Laser Palace kicks off 2011 with a free compilation

Local label Laser Palace is giving the new year a jump start by releasing a new compilation chock-full of new and old tracks from the likes of Hideous Men, Iuengliss, VIA, Thundercade and many more. Don't miss a nearly indiscernible cover of Suicide's "Cheree" by Phonebooks. Happy New Year, indeed.

The comp is not completely comprised of unreleased material, but the bulk of the material is free for the first time and offers a welcome introduction to Denver's bonked out, extended Rhino-scene. Not all the bands are from here, but judging by the sound of them, they might as well be.

Unlike the Alphabets remix project we mentioned last week (featuring many of the same artists), you'll get the songs here in their vanilla form, meaning you'll actually get a glimpse of what the bands sound like.

Highlights include the glitched up noise ramble of Mystic Bummer's "Shit Talkin Weed Coughlin," which is just as likely to introduce a seizure as it is a dance party, and Candescent's blissful "Novae #7," a track that would feel right at home as a soundtrack to a story about a lonely space traveling salesman.

This is a peek into the scene and well worth checking out, especially for folks looking for some free electronic babbling. There are a couple rock bands mixed in for good measure, but the majority of this comp shows off the scene that loves their extension chords, surge protectors and synthesizers.

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Thorin Klosowski
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