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Last night: Denver Got Next showcases hot new talent and polished pros at Sutra, 03/09/11

Denver Got Next, the jump off for DJ Ktone's five day long birthday bash, went off without a hitch last night. Sutra was the place to be to see some of the city's hottest new acts and more than a few pros. A top shelf celebration, Denver Got Next boasted a red carpet out front several photographers were in the building. The overall vibe was cozy, making it clear this was a celebration.

Several performers started off the evening, including Hypnautic and his crew, who were later seen mingling with some of the other performers, highlighting the inherent camaraderie of the event. Early on, the most compelling performance easily went to G6, a relatively new face, and his rap collaborator, A.P. (aka Mr. G5).

While the pair would have came across better without vocals playing under their live rapping, the talent was unmistakable. Their set was filled with bass-heavy beats and talk about Kush. So hip-hop. DJ Ktone watched the evening with a proud father's wonder, from the side of the stage in his birthday palace.

Hypeman P ushered the acts on and off the stage throughout the night and lightly encouraged the crowd to "keep it peaceful" when the overzealous among us got full of, well, zeal. There were a ton of artists slated to rock the stage throughout the night, and most came and went. Mr. Midas, however brought the noise with a rousing rendition of "Run My Town."

Having seen Midas perform that song live before, there wasn't any real special expectations. But with Rockie backing him up on the hook, combined with Ktone's birthday "moolah shuffle" cameo and the energy in the room, Midas got the crowd hyped, and it was awesome to watch.

FOE took the stage with the same vigor and live appeal he typically brings to a performance, and he energized the crowd, as usual. Haven the Great brought down the house with, "My Hood," giving the audience yet again another reason to celebrate their side of town.

There was a lot going on and somewhere in between Midas' and FOE's set, the most dynamic and interesting performance of the night took place: Two young ladies who looked like they were straight out of the Atlanta crew Crime Mob took the stage and blew everyone away.

Seen moving about the crowd in high heels and fitted clothing, they looked could have just been any of the other women in the room. When D.Girl and Landy took the stage, though, they stole the show and, subsequently, the entire night with their hard-as-nails and equally glittery rhymes and confidence. The ladies absolutely murdered it.

Rockie and A.P closed out the show on a high note, proving that while the city of Denver might be the next to blow, there are several artists that are ready now, and they came to take it. Ktone's birthday bash, "The Greatest Show on Turf" continues tonight with the "Texas Takeover" featuring Chali Boy, Dorrough and Baby C, at Fuego in Aurora.

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