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Last Night: Electric Six, Gore Gore Girls and We Are the Fury @ Larimer Lounge

Electric Six, Gore Gore Girls and We Are the Fury October 22, 2007, Larimer Lounge Better than: Trying to remember an album name like I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me That Restricts Me from Being the Master

“Kill Hollywood Rock” was stenciled on the guitar player’s Marshall cabinet, which alone should give anyone a good idea of what We Are the Fury are all about. But it’s pure irony. Even though these guys hail from Toledo, Ohio, they are Hollywood rock. It all started with the lights dimmed and the theme from A Clockwork Orange blasting on the system. Then the lights came up, and the heroin-skinny dudes hit the stage and tore into some slightly heavy glam punk, kind of like supercharged T. Rex. But then again, that could be a bit of an overstatement. There were a few standout cuts like “Better Off This Way” and “So Physical,” which got the crowd singing the line, “Let's start a fire tonight.” A few people sang along, but most of the folks just weren’t into burning mode quite yet.

The Gore Gore Girls, however, did more than just rub a few sticks together. These gals were smoking in more ways than one. I mean, hell, hot chicks decked out in vinyl get-ups barely covering their assets, fishnets and go-go boots. But as soon as I was over being shell-shocked by their outfits, I started fixating on their guitars; each was playing a Gretsch. Amy Gore had two White Falcons (one was a spare), Hammer had a Black Falcon, and Lianna had a White Falcon hollowbody bass. And those babies ain’t cheap. All I can say is these Detroit rockers know how to use their tools to get down and dirty, and they did just that.

By the time Electric Six trotted on stage, the Larimer Lounge was damn near pregnant with people. Singer Dick Valentine sported a James Brown-inspired purple cape with “Showtime” in sparkly letters emblazoned on the back. After kicking off the set with “It’s Showtime,” which is also the first cut on the band’s latest record with possibly the longest album name in music history, Valentine stripped off the cape. Sans cape in his brown suit and striped button-down Oxford, Valentine looked like, well, a Young Republican used car salesman or a prep school teacher. But hey, I guess it’s part of the dude’s shtick, man. And his get-up probably didn’t matter to the girl standing in front of the stage with the “I Like Dick” sign. And Dick, who’s a pretty damn good frontman, had some hilarious between-song banter. He wanted to make sure everyone knew the band’s drummer was from Longmont, and that they needed to buy the band’s new album so that they could make it to Limon. Hell, if they were heading East it would make sense since the town’s right off I-70 on the way to Kansas. But their next gig is in Spain. Go figure.

Anyhow, the guys ripped through a damn fine set jam-packed with disco beats and rockers. For the encore, Electric Six polished things off with “Dance Epidemic,” “Gay Bar” and “Germans in Mexico,” where the band went into an interlude of Depeche Mode’s “Everything Counts” and then ramped up a climatic purge back into “Germans.” – Jon Solomon

Critic’s Notebook
Personal Bias: I got a thing for gals that can rock out. Is that wrong? Random Detail: Some moron slam dancing for the first half of Electric Six’s set. While E6 can rock, it’s not necessarily the kind of stuff most folks would slam to. By the Way: It was Scott Campbell’s birthday.

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