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Leftover Salmon releasing new music exclusively via Breckenridge Brewery twelve-pack samplers

Unless you're in the midst of a three-day bender, beer and leftover fish hardly sounds appetizing, much less like a good idea this early in the morning. That is, of course, unless the beer you're talking about is from Breckenridge Brewery and the fish in question is Leftover Salmon. In that case, you've got two tastes that taste great together -- or that's the hope anyway with this new pairing.

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The pair just struck a deal that involves the band issuing new music exclusively through the brewer for the next four months via its twelve-pack sampler packs, which come with a free download and commemorative coasters created by Gary Houston, Jeff Wood, Nate Duval and Tyler Stout.

The first tune being offered, "High Country," was recorded at Colin Bricker's Mighty Fine Productions and produced by Los Lobos' Steve Berlin. Downloading the tracks automatically enters you to win VIP credentials for Leftover's Thanksgiving run that also includes a tour of the brewery and a chance to meet the band. Visit for complete details.

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