Legendary Critic Everett True on Denver's Vanilla Milkshakes

The Vanilla Milkshakes and frontman David McGhee have had a long and rocky journey — one our Tom Murphy detailed earlier this year. Back then, the band had plans to record a new album with Calvin Johnson, founder of K Records and the band Beat Happening. 

That record, called Tall People Have No Feelings, is out now, and it's excellent. Just ask Everett True, the British rock critic whose credits include lengthy stints at NME and Melody Maker. He's also arguably the foremost expert on the grunge scene of the '90s in Seattle; he actually introduced Kurt Cobain to Courtney Love. So he means to offer a considerable compliment in his write-up of the Vanilla Milkshakes' new album when he describes the band as "Like Nirvana if they had been a K Records band. (Yeah, yeah.)"

Here's the whole blurb: 

And finally, talking of romps. The band that would make me want to return to writing about music if writing about music is what Jerry and the Giant Peach did, which it is not. 500 times more zingy than the last totally zingy thing you heard. Like Nirvana if they had been a K Records band. (Yeah, yeah.) The Vanilla Milkshakes – Tall People Have No Feelings. 1 out of 1. And that is it. Bye. I may well not return.

You can buy the album on Bandcamp for $6.99. Get on it. 

Jerry and the Giant Peach of new music
, by Everett True

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