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Lenny Kravitz

Here's how much times have changed in the past decade and a half. At the dawn of the '90s, a Bush was in the White House, and old farts who wanted to pretend that they dug contemporary music would name-drop Lenny Kravitz. Today, in less-than-jarring contrast, a Bush is in the White House, and old farts who want to pretend that they dig contemporary music still name-drop Lenny Kravitz -- and why not? Kravitz's musical ideas are no fresher than they ever were; he continues to deliver samey homages to classic rock/soul sources that have been ripped off ad nauseam since the Pleistocene era. But thanks to the power of his persona (and some first-rate marketing), he's selling them at a rapid clip: Baptism, released last year, and "Lady," the most successful single from the disc, have both been certified gold, and tickets to Kravitz's Fillmore date, which pairs him with Nikka Costa, are hard to come by. Those who attend the show will hear absolutely nothing new, which will suit most of them just fine. It may be a different Bush, but Lenny remains the same.
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