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Let Wasted Wednesdays at Vinyl kickstart your weekend!

Let's face it: Wednesdays in Denver aren't exactly poppin' on the regular. The mid-week LoDo scene is still recovering from the previous weekend, the Highland district has yet to catch a ride on the bass wave, and Capitol Hill just needed something. Enter Wasted Wednesdays at Vinyl in the BASSment. Westword sat down with SOCO Nightlife's Chelsea Twining to find out more on this hump-day throwdown.

Westword:How did this get started?

Chelsea Twining: We were wondering what kind of show we were going to do on April 20th (4/20 for all you sleepers), which happens to be huge in Denver, and I suggested opening up for another night. We have the opportunity to open up, so why not? I then suggested bass music and it took off.

Why Wasted Wednesdays and why in the basement at Vinyl? Ahem, the BASSment.

I wanted to look at this like a gathering of friends, family, alcohol and good original music. It's a weekly night dedicated to bass music -- everything from dub, glitch, breaks, drum 'n' bass -- kind of covering the whole spectrum of bass music. We did some modifications to the BASSment, so it has some good energy down there, and the music gets really loud. We are getting lots of great local acts involved thanks to such a supportive community.

How has the night been received thus far?

When we first started this, it was freezing outside, so I guess you could say it was a cold start. But it has picked up and become really consistent attracting a good group of people. I'm pretty sure we celebrated four different birthdays a few weeks ago, which means people know they can come here for a good time.

Why bass and electronic music and not hip hop, jam-rock or funk?

I think there are so many people into it right now, and the scene of people that it brings out is so positive. The people are calm and come out to have fun and listen to good music. Why bass music specifically? After Eoto's performance on New Year's Eve, we really wanted to start going after similar acts consistently. Wednesday's in Denver aren't the most exciting, and we offer a really great time that's affordable and central.

Will you be bringing headliners in to Wasted Wednesdays?

Tonight for 4/20, we brought in Sleepyhead and Salva. The hope is to never have a Wednesday night cost more than ten dollars, though. We've been working a lot with Mile High Sound Movement and A New Sound Colorado, but I am really down for bringing in whoever is down to support it. A few weeks ago, we featured a new DJ who had never mixed live before. Being able to use this as a platform for both new and old DJs is great.

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Like a house party, but at a club?

Exactly! I think a lot of us are at that age where we don't own houses yet, so we have neighbors that complain and call the cops. It's a laid-back night compared to what a lot of people might think Vinyl is. I'm sure people think Vinyl is all high heels and button-down shirts, but Wednesday is just an animal.

So what's the rundown for a Wednesday night?

There is a $5 cover for everyone, unless it's a headliner, in which case it will be $10, so that keeps it pretty simple. For some bigger acts, should we choose to bring them out, the show would probably be moved to City Hall so that more people could come to enjoy it. Other than that, it's cheap drinks and good music. We've been open for nearly ten weeks now, and I'm already seeing regular faces. The hope is that people will come to know that Wednesday nights at Vinyl means good bass music. My hope is to be able to open up the roof in the summer, because it is so exceptional. Everyone wants to come, even your mom.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.